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Content Distribution Plan

Deliverable: Strategy to distribute awareness article

KPI: Conversions generated by article via distribution channels

Target Audience: B2B Tech Buyer

Options: Native Advertising, Targeted LinkedIn Ads, Taboola PPC Campaign

Native Advertising

Since the objective of this piece is brand awareness and generating leads to pull into the funnel start with native advertising on a digital media website like featuring the article. I've mocked up the article below.

The campaign will catch people who are keeping up with new trends and the title will pull people that deal with/have interest in event management and planning.


5 questions that can boost your event marketing success

You are probably here because you or your business are planning an event. At Bizzabo, we think that decision is kind of a big deal, whether this event is your 1st or your 21st. That’s why we recently asked over 400 mid- to senior-level event marketers about the state of professional events and where the industry is heading to determine the best event success formula. In the article below we’ve highlighted 5 questions you should ask yourself to maximize your return on event or ROE. Let’s jump right in!

Question 1: What is the main objective of your event? 


We know at face value this may seem obvious but clarifying this from the get-go will make sure that you and your team are on the same page and that alignment will strengthen your strategy. Understanding the goal of the event is also important 

Peretz Uri+Yael.jpg


Step 1.jpg

Targeted LinkedIn Ads

We can also target B2B tech buyers of specific companies. For example if we know that the majority of the people that request demos and ultimately sign up are event planners and coordinators, procurement managers, and community managers we could have success with a paid LinkedIn Ad targeting people in these roles.

Note: I couldn't find a good LinkedIn ad to use for the mockup so I went with a Facebook format which is similar. 

AdParlor_Website Clicks_Newsfeed_Preview
AdParlor_Website Clicks_Mobile_Preview.p
AdParlor_Website Clicks_Right-Hand_Previ

Taboola/Outbrain Ads

Launching a PPC campaign with Taboola or OutBrain targeting people with interest in event technology platforms and event marketing content.


Intent to purchase/demo might be lower with this traffic but if we know these users have interest (they viewed other similar articles or perhaps have visited similar sites) they have a high chance of clicking and will enter the funnel by the end of the article.

Taboola Ads.png

5 Questions That Will Boost Your Event Marketing Success


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